It's not just about drugs, alcohol or gambling etc. It's also about workaholics, and OCD's. The underlying issue, the core cause of substance addiction and compulsive behavioural patterns is a deep rooted sense of need and relationship need. This stems from an insecurity of sorts. There is an answer and everyone can enjoy serenity should they be prepared to put in the effort.

Jews drugs and compulsions

According to Dr. Jay Holder, Medical Director and founder of the Exodus Treatment Center in Miami, chemical dependency is the number one secret in the Jewish community. Reportedly, up to 50% of patient populations in residential treatment are Jews -- as are 20% of those calling national drug hotlines (yet Jews comprise but 3% of the U.S. population).



There is no reason to believe that it is any different in the Jewish community. It is one of the big sweep under the carpet issues in the Jewish community.

Jews were not traditionally drinkers although gambling and other addictions have always been present. Alcoholism is now at epidemic proportions along with drugs, gambling, work and a host of other issues.

The fantastic traits that we enjoy in the Jewish community - Pressure to succeed, the close family and community bonds, Jewish mother syndrome, etc. Also bring stresses and pressures which are perfect incubators for addictive behaviour patterns.

Not everyone becomes affected to a degree that destroys their lives, often it destroys the lives of their friends or family.

How many divorces are really the product of addictive behaviour patterns, workaholics, OCD, drugs, drink to name a few.

The vast majority of people and their families just suffer in silence for years as these addictive behaviour patterns often never become so severe that they need emergency treatment or rehab.

The 12 step program together with our Jewish culture and heritage is a huge resource that is under used and can help people lead lives of focus and serenity free from the negativity of addiction.


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